DA CONNECTION is a registered French charity that was set up in 1999 by a group of friends who were moved by the lack of educational facilities for children in rural areas of Armenia. The organisation carries out cultural and educational projects in Armenia and Azerbaijan (Nagorno Karabakh) with the following aims: 

  • Improve educational infrastructure for children in rural areas 
  • Promote cultural ties between Armenia and the Diaspora 
  • Contribute to the long-term development of rural populations


Every year, DA Connection runs a 3-week educational and cultural exchange project in August for children in rural areas of Armenia and Azerbaijan (Nagorno Karabakh). This comprises of three key activities:

Summer camps are set up in villages in Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh to:

- Encourage children to discover and interact with their environment through play
- Encourage children to express themselves and promote their talents through handicraft workshops, art and sports
- Enable cultural exchange between children and volunteers


Renovation or construction of school facilities (schools, classrooms, gym, etc) to :
- Offer a safe educational environment
- Raise awareness amongst the local populations to the importance of ensuring quality educational facilities
- Offer training for local unemployed youth on building and renovation techniques with national professionals


Inform both children and parents of the basic principles of health and hygiene :
- Organise prevention workshops with qualified medical professionals from different domains (doctors, nurses, dentists, ophthalmologists, student nurses, trainee doctors, etc)
- Donate basic hygiene kits (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and shampoo).


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 DA CONNECTION is a non-political organisation with social, humanitarian and cultural aims.


DA CONNECTION has approximately 50 active members in France, with branches in Valence (France), UK and Armenia.  Our team of volunteers are mostly aged between 18 and 35 years, but we also have retired volunteers who provide us with valuable lessons from their experience over the years. Volunteers come from all corners of the world (France, UK, Spain, USA, Holland, Lebanon, etc) and include both Armenians and non-Armenians. The mix of ages and nationalities is what provides our organisation with its greatest strength, and goes hand-in-hand with our mission to provide international and intercultural exchange and solidarity.


Our organisation aims to foster a sustainable human development approach through projects which are carried out in villages for a minimum of 3 years. This time frame not only enables us to familiarise ourselves with the area, its inhabitants, and their needs, but it also allows us to establish concrete follow up and lessons learned, to improve our projects from one year to the next.


Our projects are conceived to provide a mutually educational and cultural exchange between volunteers and the villagers. The summer project provides both parties with enriching memories, new friends and new beginnings, fostering intercultural relations.



To ensure the success of our projects, we work wherever possible with local actors across the board.

Under the guidance of the DA Connection national office in Yerevan, Armenia, we are able to direct and apply our resources more efficiently.

The national office ensure vital steps in project processes, such as:

- Establishing exact information on schools and villages to enable relevant and appropriate intervention
- Helping local populations to understand who we are and what we do, to encourage them to support and accompany us in our action
- Recruiting local workers to boost the renovation projects
- Recruiting Armenian volunteers to help run the summer camps
- Buying relevant project materials onsite in order to support the local economy
- Following-up on project action to ensure sustainability